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Alabama Dyslexia Resource Guide

Alabama dyslexia resource guide.

I recently wrote a blog post about dyslexia and how Holmes Tutoring can help. Dyslexia is not a single category but is a disorder found within a spectrum of deficits. It can be a little tricky to discover because students with dyslexia typically have an average or above-average IQ and can be gifted in certain areas.

I've attached the Alabama Dyslexia Resouce Guide below. The purpose of this guide is to "provide continually updated guidance, useful information, and links to valuable resources to assist educators, administrators, and parents or guardians as they provide dyslexia-specific services and support for students in Alabama's public schools."

It's important that dyslexia is found early and that students are placed in the right interventions so they can be successful. Students who are identified early, have a much greater likelihood of closing achievement gaps before it widens too far. Effective screenings make it possible for students to be identified as having dyslexia as early as kindergarten before a student can even be classified as having a learning disability.

Not only will early screenings and being provided appropriate resources help students academically, but it will also greatly improve their self-esteem. Students with unidentified dyslexia tend to internalize their emotions or they are prone to having behavior issues at home or school. Download your copy of the dyslexia resource guide today.

Dyslexia Resource Guide
Download PDF • 2.62MB

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