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Why Choose Holmes Tutoring?

Direct Instruction

Holmes Tutoring offers content that utilizes evidence-based practices to ensure the learning success of students. One of the most common practices used is Direct Instruction (DI). Direct Instruction is an explicit, systematic, teacher-directed model that focuses on curriculum design and effective instructional delivery. Direct instruction content (little di) is beneficial for underperforming learners due to its built-in correction procedures and repetition of concepts. What students are taught in the first lesson will reappear throughout the duration of the curriculum. The Direct Instruction approach forms an unconscious competence of information vs mere memorization of concepts for assessment purposes. The traditional approach to teaching creates gaps in the learning process for students that require more repetition and carefully sequenced material. Instructors of direct instruction content also need to be trained on how to effectively deliver the instruction. My undergrad, and graduate courses, as well as teaching experience, have equipped me with the skills needed to teach using the Direct Instruction teaching method. I also received a certificate of completion from the National Institute of Direct Instruction, where I furthered my knowledge of how to implement DI teaching methods. I use DI because it works! I make the reinforcement of skills fun for learners by implementing interactive lessons, quizzes, and assessments.

Why direct instruction content work?

✏️ Students are placed in instruction at their skill level

 ✏️The structure of the program is designed to ensure mastery

✏️Instruction is modified to meet individualized needs

✏️Programs are field-tested and revised before publication 

To learn more about Direct Instruction, visit the National Institute of Direct Instruction website and watch the video found below: 👇🏽👇🏽 


Intro To DI: What is Direct Instruction?
Why Choose Holmes Tutoring?: Feature

Direct Method: Natural Method (ESL/ELL)

The Direct Method, or Natural Method, is used when tutoring ESL/ELL students. Students receive instruction in English and are fully immersed in the English language. The students' mother language is not used during sessions. The focus is not primarily based on learning grammar rules, but rather learning conversational skills needed to communicate through listening and speaking in English. Students inadvertently learn grammar rules through speaking and listening in English to help mimic first language acquisition. At Holmes Tutoring, ESL/ELL students are taught language inductively, focus on the target language or objective during tutoring sessions, and practice oral communication through repetition or dialogue. 

Why the direct method works?

✏️ Students are assessed to determine English level (beginner-advanced)

 ✏️Language is taught inductively to minimize confusion of only being taught grammar rules 

✏️Visuals and TPR (Total Physical Response) are used to help activate students schema of  concepts and vocabulary 

✏️Students work in a non-threatening learning environment 

To learn more about ESL/ELL at Holmes Tutoring, visit the ESL blog section on the website.

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