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Frequently Asked Questions


My child has an IEP, will Holmes Tutoring be able to help with goals and benchmarks?

This depends on the subject area of the goals and benchmarks. Holmes Tutoring specializes in reading and math and the Direct Instruction Model is used to help enhance the retention of learners. If you prefer your child to focus only on specific goals outside of the content offered, please schedule a consultation to discuss in detail what can be offered. Please understand that tutoring services and assessments taken at  Holmes Tutoring do not replace, nor can be used, as data for in school IEP goals and benchmark purposes. Holmes Tutoring would love to individualize instruction to help close achievement gaps to make it possible for students to meet their IEP goals and benchmarks. 

Do you offer in-person sessions?

As of now, no tutoring sessions are offered in-person. Using a virtual platform helps keep prices as reasonable as possible for clients. Online tutoring sessions also help maintain instructional time and allows tutoring sessions to be recorded. 

What are your rates and payment method?

 Cash, debit/credit, and Paypal are accepted. Checks are not accepted at this time. Group sessions are also offered on the services page

How does online tutoring work?

HolmesTutoring sessions take place in the comfort of your own home with any device. You will need a high-speed internet connection, a webcam, a computer/smartphone, and headphones (to minimize distractions.) The video software, Zoom, is used for tutoring sessions (free of charge). Keep in mind that the interactive platform (remote control sharing) may not work on all devices. Smartphones and iPads can be used, but the remote control sharing application may not be transferrable for students' independent use. All students are required to book a free mandatory-session prior to their first paid tutoring session to review classroom rules and functions.

Cancellations & Rescheduling

Please be mindful of keeping staff members informed of expected absences and cancellations. A 24-hour notice is expected for cancellations. Repeated cancellations or frequent absences may result in the termination of tutoring services. At Holmes Tutoring, we are committed to working around your schedule as much as possible. Payments are due before sessions. A tutoring schedule will be discussed during consultations. Clients can review the Terms & Conditions in the Tutoring Handbook for more information about cancellations and rescheduling. 

How often should tutoring services take place?

Holmes Tutoring services should take place at least twice a week to ensure students retain the information taught. Repetition is a wonderful way to help struggling learners retain information. If frequent gaps between sessions take place, success rates decrease. Please understand that repeated tutoring sessions are needed for success. Scheduling is discussed during initial consultations. For information pertaining to the research behind direct instruction, click the link- Successfully implementing DI

What are the target age groups for Holmes Tutoring?

Holmes Tutoring's reading content is designed for students whose present level of academic performance is between (K-3). The reading content is perfect for elementary-aged students trying to close reading fluency and comprehension gaps as well as for Pre-K students trying to get a head start in reading. Holmes Tutoring recently launched "ESL/ELL Language" tutoring content. The ESL/ ELL Language tutoring sessions are great for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students looking for extra English practice. The math content at Holmes Tutoring is designed for students whose present level of academic performance is between pre-K-1. Students who are in higher grades can benefit from math tutoring as well, but the math tutoring sessions are more appropriate for younger students with little to no understanding of basic math terminology and applications. Pre-assessments will be taken prior to sessions to ensure correct placements as well as to see if Holmes Tutoring is an appropriate option for students. 

Promotions and Discounts

Holmes Tutoring has great discounts and other coupons. Please read the "Tutoring Guide" for more information. Follow Holmes Tutoring on Facebook so you won't miss any special offers! Subscribe to get the latest information on policy changes, blog posts, and other important updates.

Time Zones for Foreign Students

All tutoring services are in CST unless otherwise stated. Holmes Tutoring has a large population of students living outside of the USA. Due to the significant time difference, hours of operation typically start around 5:00 am CST (which is between 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm BJT depending on daylight savings time). Calendar invites and reminders will be sent in CST.

Privacy Policy & Subscriptions

Please click on the "Privacy Policy" link located in the footer section of every page to read Holmes Tutoring's privacy policy. Users will receive updates on the privacy policy if they have an email subscription at Holmes Tutoring. The "Privacy Policy" in the footer of the website will have the latest updates. Please send an email to to unsubscribe. Simply put "unsubscribe" in the subject line of the email. Holmes Tutoring Terms & Conditions can be found on the "Holmes Tutoring Handbook" tab of the website. 

Group Sessions

Group sessions are a great way for students to collaborate with peers around their same age and ability level(s). Some group sessions currently being offered include ESL/ELL literature book studies, ESL/ ELL foundational skills, and K-3 Guided Reading. Some group sessions are courses/camps where students will book a series of weeks to review material within a syllabus and some group sessions are individual/ongoing classes where students can pop in and out as needed. All classes must be booked within 24 hours of class start time as a courtesy to tutors.

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