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SMART Learning Suite Online

I am excited to introduce SMART Learning Suite Online to Holmes Tutoring! This interactive platform allows students to actively engage in their own learning process. Most classrooms utilize this innovative technology and it is a great way to keep students excited about learning. SMART Learning Suite Online (SLSO) allows learners to use any browser on any device to access cloud-based lessons. This will allow a way for assignments and assessments to be created for more efficient progress monitoring. SLSO will provide an individualized approach due to the platform allowing the creation of individual lessons, activities, and assessments based on the unique needs of students. SLSO also offers interactive games where learners can drag and drop objects, self-assess, and use virtual flashcards to practice skills. This multi-sensory platform makes tutoring fun for all learners! Learn more about SLSO by watching the videos: 👇🏽👇🏽





Zoom is a platform that allows virtual tutoring to take place on any browser and electronic device. Zoom is available to be used on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It is easy to install and lessons can be recorded for students to review after tutoring sessions. Zoom is free for users and is the video platform used for tutoring sessions. Due to the recent breaches in the Zoom platform, extra security measures have been implemented at Holmes Tutoring to keep clients safe. Passwords are required and no one is allowed inside of the virtual classroom unless the host (tutor) allows them to join the meeting. Please reach out by text or email if you have any concerns about the Zoom platform or want to know more about security measures taken at Holmes Tutoring. 


Whizzimo is another multi-sensory platform used at Holmes Tutoring. This virtual letter tile platform allows students to practice phonics skilled after being taught how to decode words. The encoding activities help struggling learners retain information. Students can access the remote control sharing option and practice spelling based on their individual levels. The tiles are color coordinated so students can easily distinguish between vowels, consonants, digraphs, and other syllable types.  

Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach Your Monster to Read is a fun game-based platform that helps reinforce reading skills taught during tutoring sessions. Students are placed in one of three levels and work towards mastery in a self-paced manner. The program is free of charge for desktops and laptops. Who said learning had to be boring? 

ESL Library

ESL Library is available for all ESL students who participate in Holmes Tutoring's virtual lessons. ESL Library has thousands of English activities covering grammar, literacy, dialogue, debates, business, and much much more. Students are assigned homework and extra practice that can all be turned in online. No need to print out handouts, audio recordings, or flashcards. These online resources are packed with great illustrations and each lesson taught to students is appropriately sequenced to best follow the direct instruction teaching methodology used by Holmes Tutoring. 

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