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ESL Students: Help! They Don't Speak English!

ESL students in a brick and mortar classroom.

I remember when I first began teaching ESL to students who lived in China. As a Special Education Teacher, I was familiar with teaching ESL students who were native Spanish speakers, but I was not fully responsible for teaching them the foundations of reading. There was always an ESL teacher or a foreign language specialist who would teach the students the bulk of English, and I would reinforce skills in areas where the students had significant deficits. Many of you know that the majority of my students are ESL students and I had to come up with a scope and sequence that would help meet their needs. I received this resource from my professional development course and it's great. It gives a good scope and sequence and learning strategies parents and educators can use to help students close gaps.

I also created an e-program that ESL students can go through independently. It teaches young learners speaking, listening, reading, and writing using the Let's Go series. There are numerous activities included in each lesson which will ensure ESL students are engaged and have multiple chances to practice skills. This program is great for ESL teachers to use as a supplemental program as well.

I hope you enjoy this resource and feel free to share!

Help they don't speak English for K-6
Download PD • 15.42MB

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