Welcome to Holmes Tutoring!

 Hello, my name is Keara Holmes.


Welcome to Holmes TutoringHolmes Tutoring offers an individualized tutoring experience using effective Direct Instruction research strategies, which help meet the needs of diverse learners. 


If your child, or someone you know, is having a difficult time retaining information taught in a traditional classroom or you are finding it challenging to schedule routine tutoring sessions outside of your home, then Holmes Tutoring is here to help. Holmes Tutoring's virtual platform has made learning sessions easily accessible for busy families living all around the world! 


With Holmes Tutoring, students will gain the skills needed to be successful all while in the comfort of their own homes. Schedule a free consultation today and see if Holmes Tutoring is right for you!

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Online Class
What's Offered:
  • Direct Instruction Math

  • Direct Instruction Reading

  • Remedial Reading

  • Phonological Awareness Classes

  • Alphabet Knowledge Classes

  • ESL Tutoring

  • Seasonal Camps

  • Async Courses (*coming soon)

Computer Class