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Black History is Our History

Glady's Wester short biography.

The month of February is also known as "Black History Month." As an educator, I think it is vitally important that Black History is taught because Black History is Our History! Black History is more than just slavery and racism. It's more than just oppression and inferiority. The black culture is rich and diverse. There are numerous black inventors, pilots, actors, singers, and educators.

Black people have accomplished so much in the USA and around the world. Unfortunately, due to being the most marginalized people group, blacks usually are underrepresented and unnoticed. It's up to us to change that. Continue to teach black history, continue to support black businesses, and continue to fight for the representation of blacks in the USA and around the world.

Here are some educational resources shared with me from other educational groups and websites. Feel free to download them:

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